No Greater Reward

No Greater Reward: A poetography video by Najma Hush, presenting poetic verse and visual arts accompanied with Maurice Ravel’s ” Jeux D’Eau” Poetry and photography by Najma Hush. All copyrights reserved (2016). This film features the synchronisation of double exposure images with music, spoken word and visual text. Footage includes videos of rain on the window screens of moving vehicles, layered with a Japanese fish pond, a baby Blue tit rescued and taken in by the poet for a short time, a butterfly in it’s natural environment, a couple of self portraits of the artist and most significantly, recordings from Shun Ito’s “Cosmic Birds” exhibition shown at the Manciple Bank, at the International Dance Festival, Birmingham (2016) (…)

Music has been sourced from the Classical Music Sound Library and various online sources claim it is by Ando Towa ( ; licenced as…

If you like the poem, would you please kindly support my work by subscribing to my poetry channel on youtube?  Your support means a lot.  Thank you.

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