I’m Challenging You

Crazy Mobile Uploads, Part X:   A Poetography video by Najma Hush. All clips have been captured by PhotoGiraffe, using a mobile phone, in order to create a rustic, authentic feel. This video features images of various swinging aerial dancers, a hot fire spitter and also includes candid shots of dancing spectators.

With a short taster from the SwingaMaJig Fest’15 at the start of this poetry presentation, all other images were mainly captured during a live set by Booka Shade seen here playing for Cirque Du Soul (Birmingham, UK).   Although all the images and the poem are mine own, I do not own any copyrights to the music used herewith. The two tracks used to accompany the poem and visuals are, Les Pensées by The Architect and Love Inc by Booka Shade (with a-little-bit of singing from yours truly at the end).

The purpose of compiling and presenting my written words thus, is to explore how Poetry can be presented beyond text or as simple spoken word. I wish to discover how far I may be able to push the boundaries of conventional ideas of Poetry and how music and images can enhance the meaning of words on a cognitive level; thus creating an autonomous work of art, which I term, ‘Poetography’.

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