Spiritual Love

Poetry Beyond Text:

Crazy Mobile Uploads: Part Six. ‘Spiritual Love’, is a selection of video collages, captured and edited on a smartphone. The random clips, presented here have then been audibly dubbed with a poem I wrote and recorded, whilst reciting to an extract from Keith Jarrett Trio’s, “I fall in love too easily. The fire Within” Part II, which coincidentally happened to be playing when I completed writing it. There are a total of 58 different clips in this video, only some of which repeat in the sequence, which have deliberately been planted to signify or symbolism nothing that I am consciously aware of. As part of the Crazy Mobile Collection on my youtube channel, which initially started out as experimental fun, but have now become rather random outbursts of creativity involving poetry and text which seek to push the boundaries of conventional methods of page poetry or poetry readings and definitely serve as creative outlets for me as there are always things I feel I need to express and do so in the best way I know how (i.e words and images). I hope you will like it… (I love it, but I know I’m very biased).  You can read the Poem as text here on my blog:

Spiritual Love

Oh absent friends from past,

Now that I know it is so hard,

To fill that place in a human heart,

With an honest day’s labour or a work of art,

I can speak with a little more wisdom now,

After having trod a various grounds.

Many beautiful people I have seen

(They are never far-nor-few, in-between),

With a one-to-seven-billion-chance indeed,

That the universe would be so kind as to reveal,

How lovers fall far beyond – over head and heels.

Oh, how sweet it was

– how sweet it was,

For the flowers that bloomed from youth and lust,

To then produce forth such innocent fruit,

That it still fills my core with such gratitude,

To have recognised a soul, who recognised a soul,

Though I never hope to see you till a day unknown,

For when I do I’ll recognise again,

Because I remember you so well my friend.

And the tender golden tales you’d tell…

Your saintly voice and the sound when you sang…

You touched the gates and opened up paradise,

How magical and maddening were those nights…?

Although I have a lot of self respect and pride,

I’m not so easily duped – I am no man’s fool,

But now so confident, that my name has been removed,

From the fires of hell for simply loving you!

It was the second time we met, that I probably knew,

You would be one of those who’d contribute,

Towards my fate…

(No, there is absolutely nothing to regret!)

Because through my Essence I have learnt to express,

My appreciation for being so fortunately blessed;

Despite every cruel joke the joker left unsaid,

That even long after our death,

When the scales of justice have to be weighed,

And the angels ask,

‘Who felt they had been most betrayed?’

I’d dare any angel to touch a hair on your head,

I swear I’d tell them all

Your wonder-filled stories instead,

And why I’m so glad,

That you were just like any other man I ever met.

And whilst on earth when I’m alone on my mat,

After I have sufficiently praised God,

In that moment when believers

Raise their hands to ask,

  • I can’t say always but I sometimes do –

(Say a little prayer for you and your family too).

Because there really is no end to my eternal gratitude,

Though it may not be of any use

(to any of you),

It serves me well to remember

How thankful I am to my Lord above,

To have experienced such a spiritual love.

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