Free Collage IV : φ Phi, Golden Ratio

Free Arty Shares just for fun.

The collection of free photographic collage in this album is titled, φ Phi: The Golden Ratio ; the mathematical equation, discovered in nature which measures two parts of one whole to determine it’s perfect symmetry. This equation has been applied by artist and architects to mimic the perfection within nature that determines how aesthetically beautiful an object/subject is.

So it turns out that beauty is not in the eye of the beholder but actually can be measured to precisely a figure that should equate to: 1.161803387… (Ta-da!). This equation can be aligned geometrically to a persons face and when experiments have been done, it turns out that some of the most beautiful, famous people have precisely the same phi: 1.161803387…

There is a website that can measure your golden ratio; you add your photograph and it gives you a score out of 10 to tell you how mathematically beautiful your face is. I uploaded 2 different photographs and my score was 7.9 and 8.7 for another. It also told me that nose was too big for my face and that my face was too long and narrow to be perfect. I already know this. I have a big nose and I am not perfect – but then again not everything in nature is perfect…or is it as perfect as nature intended?

Here are the photographic collages  I created, titled Golden Ratio which I believe I have have created observing and adorning nature through photography on my mobile phone.

Quite simply titled, ‘Free Collage’; a varied selection of photographs which have all been taken  and created on Najma Hush’s mobile phone.  These images have been posted around various social platforms online for people to share for free.

All images from the ‘Free Collage’ collections are free to share, download and print, with all copyrights reserved to Najma Hush (as she can’t take them to her grave now can she?).
So please do share them with friends and family for free, but do not alter them in anyway as this will only piss her off.

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