You Move Me

 Poetry + Photography = Poetography.


(Visual Literary Art.)


The poem, ‘You Move Me’ had originally been written for ‘Diverse Dancers’  photography exhibition.  An already substantial and still developing,  collection of photographs of Dancers.

This is a small selection of some of the photographs I have captured of movement.  Here I have simply outlined the dancing figures through a careful selection process  and then layered them onto varying photographs taken of stage lights, in order to create a visually enchanting platform for a short poetic verse.

The original  poem, You Move Me,  had not been produced to accompany any music, however great diligence has been applied so that  the lyrics for this Poetography video appear synchronized with the audio music (Miss Levine, Beats Antiques).




The Poetograph is intended to impact the cognitive process, so that the voyeur recognises the relationship between the  words and the images.  With the primary objective that the combination of the two mediums must  effectively create a unified narrative in order for Poetography to communicate autonomously.

All text has been inserted on to the image at the video processing stage,  however presented here are two separate ways of presenting the same Poetograph.  Only the video in the case is more cohesive whilst as images they still aesthetically attractive.


Check out the Poetography Video and let me know what you think:



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