Pangaea Poetry Slam

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Pangaea Poetry Slam

Pangaea Poetry Slam is an online (Youtube) poetry competition, in partnership with Apples and Snakes,  supported by MAC and Ideas Tap.  The idea behind the slam is to provide a space, where poets from all across the world can submit their own,  as well as share and comment on each others’ work.

With only 9 days in since it started, it has already exposed a  wide variety of talented poets from around the world, successfully having created a buzz and developed an online community of writers, free to share resources with one another.  Hopefully this will encourage more traditional arts organisations to further develop projects using new media technology as this is the way things are moving forward.

How the competition works is that the video with the most ‘likes’ on youtube gets points and we all know what that mean… Yes, it means prizes!  However, there are no cash prizes, in fact, the prizes are more geared towards artistic development.

After watching all the magnificent poets, home and away, I thought I would give it a go too.  More so because I want to be a part of the project and also hear some feedback from other poets; as most poets will know, generally the people who take an interest in living poets are…wait for it…other living poets.  Probably because the dead ones do not really care.

Anyway, here is my submission and I hope that you will like and comment on the video on youtube (mainly because as you can imagine, it would be so embarrassing if nobody did…).  Otherwise, I hope that by reading this post, you might enter too, as all you really need is a camera phone and youtube account to do so.

Why not give it a go?  It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that really counts!

Anyway, watch this:


AND if you missed it the first time…here’s a massive live link to the website so you too can check it out or even submit…Yikes!

Web Link

Pangaea Poetry Slam

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