All the While Within

Poetography is a term used by Najma Hush, to describe a cognitive process of how words directly impact images.  With the primary objective that the combination of the two mediums must  effectively create a unified narrative in order for Poetography to communicate as an autonomous work of art.  Here are two separate ways of presenting the same Poetograph.  This poetography piece is titled, All the While Within and has been presented and still images and as a video.

1. Still Images:

Both medium of presentations rely on digital technology for production and thus can fully utilise new media as its platform. Outside the realms of cyberspace, the stills as prints, can be framed and presented as fine art or appear in books/journals/magazines as visual literature.   Poetography presented in video format would also make interesting installations when exhibited.

2. Audio Video:


Please leave me your feedback on how the words and images impacted you.  Which presentation do you think was most effective in communicating its concept and why?   Which presentation did you find more engaging and why?  How do you think the artist could the improve this practice?



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