Concerning the union of poetry and photography to create an autonomous art form, possessing a cohesive narrative with symbolises and metaphorical imagery.

An ongoing practical study by Najma Hush to further our knowledge on how images and words have a direct impact on each other, with precise relation to how a cohesive narrative can be expressed symbolically and metaphorically without cliché, illustratively obvious or on the other hand – as a direct antonym – without being too abstract.

Poets with Cameras...


On the outset, the aims of this project are to devise a unique method directly practicing an emerging trend; the unifying of image and literature/poetry to create a narrative (in either prose or verse).

  1. “When art works combine textual and visual elements, how do the modes of attention specific to reading text and viewing images interact and modify each other?
  2. What factors determine whether the combination of textual and visual elements in such works enriches or limits their meaning and aesthetic value?
  3. How are evaluative and interpretive responses to such works affected by the development of enhanced reflective awareness about the processes involved?
  4. How can critical and psychological models of perception and aesthetic experience inform and be informed by the creation of new works of art?”

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