I Am… (Shameless)

As part of ongoing Poetography experiments created for Phosphorescence1001 in association with PhotoGiraffe; combining Poetry by Najma Hush with Photography by PhotoGiraffe to create a new form of visual literary art.

(Note: This video has been dubbed with Theta waves (4 – 7 Hz)  which can synchronize your brain to enter a very relaxed state associated with meditation and some sleep states. Theta waves are the sweet spot for many brain functions. There, we often experience extreme relaxation, creativity, as well as vibrant mental imagery. For the past forty years or so scientists have experimented with different audio techniques to induce Theta waves. One technique is to play a specific audio rhythm to replicate the 4 to 8 Hz frequency of the Theta brainwaves. Such music is usually referred to as Binaural Beats, but to get the full effect of getting high without the drugs, you must listen & watch with head phones).

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