Maybe we are on the up-and-up

On the the Up and Up

…Or…maybe we are really fucked up,

Perchance, that’s due to the people who have bought us up

Was it their parent’s fault who simply messed them up?

It’s probably just the way things are in this world,

Possibly, that’s due to how our systems being mould,

Should we blame society or perhaps the government?

For we all might just a product of our environment…

We could all be ‘good’ despite being part of this race,

(But then why does no-one ever like to admit that to our face?)

Is it because we’ve just been really badly bred?

Or should we blame all the bloody (romantic) books we’ve read?

Though sometimes we have a habit of displaying too much honesty,

But why should that cause others to behave so violently?

For we may all just be an outcome of mans history…

So with all good things on the fucking up and up.

If we didn’t make this world – then how did it make us?

And who the hell went and fucked us all up?

Can someone please tell me who made who?

When I insist, “It wasn’t me darling” and so do all of you.

On the fucking up and up.

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