I Think Therefore I Am/Not?

As part of an ongoing  Poetrography experiment created for Phosphorescence1001 in association with PhotoGiraffe; combining Poetry by Najma Hush with Photography by PhotoGiraffe.  This is the first video I have produced using photography, poetry and music in a video format and wish to improve this practice.  It has been created in Windows Media and therefore the text appears to run faster than I would like, but I hope to improve this when I move on to a more sophisticated software.


I Think Therefore I Am /Not

I love,

For I am loving,

And I’ve been loved for all of this.

I missed,

What I’d been missing,

When it was I who had been missed.

I am,

For I am thinking,

Or did I sell,

As I’d been bought?

But, I’m free,

Yes, I am freedom,

Yet, I’m the slave of mine own thoughts.

I crave,

Or am I craving,

When I’m the one who’s being craved?

I’ve been stung,

And now I am stunning,

So that you may be amazed.

For I’ve seen,

What I was seeking,

But it was not what had been sought.

And I’d lived,

For I was living,

When in soothe my life was fraught.

I am not,

What I’d been thinking,

But that is not what I’d been told…

But I am free,

Yes, I am freedom,

Or am I the slave of mine own thoughts?

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