Preacher Man

There was once a man,

Who I was approached by on the street,

He asked me, “Dear Child, tell me, is it in Jesus you believe?”

I told him “Yes”, at which point his jolly did face shine,

“Which church do you belong to then?”

“Well, non.”, I did reply,

“I rarely go to mosque, let alone a cathedral or a church,

They call me ‘Muslim’ for it be only One God I do search.”

He said “If that were so it would be,

by our Sheppard you’d be led.”

I begged his pardon and his leave

– without furthermore contempt.

“Well, do you deny it was for our sins the son of God did bleed?”,

I said, “If that be so, then Sir,

Why’s it to me, you plea?”

“Because, I’ve been sent with a power that heals,

So tell me Sister, do you have any pain,

In your hands, your back or knees?”

I told him, “I had an ailing pain inside,

For as long as I had – unknown –

But I only reveal my pain (and praise) to God alone.”

He raged, “The path to God is through Jesus Christ,

It was for our sins his blood was shed,

Speak not of God when t’is towards Mohammed you do head.”

I asserted, “Please think before you say anymore,

become an infidel – without any good reason to implore,

For surely you have the right to your faith,

As I have the right to mine,

Do not persevere with this or else you’ll be wasting both our time.”

He insisted, “We both speak of God, yet you refuse to follow me.”

And it was then I did look upon this man so tenderly,

“Dear Man, why do you not practice first,

That, which you wish to preach?

For all I’ve ever wanted,

Was to come and go with peace.

You see, I believe in every Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Jew,

For surely, we are all upon the same path,

If only it weren’t for the ignorance,

That lives in men like you.”

At this the preacher man’s face changed,

As he began to look confused,

But went along his merry way,

Wishing me, “A farewell & adieu”.

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