She Hath The Right.

subsist with justice and in peace

Hell hath no fury, than what a woman can raise,

If looks could kill, for surely she would devastate;

Be it murder by her fair hands or deadly eyes divine,

She shalt take the chalice to her lips and taste that bloody wine.

As sisters, there is not a man on Earth here that I hath found,

Who gave me mine – and what’s more – I fought till I was down,

Then why burnt they their bra’s – made rally and did plea?

Without a doubt, so that you and I may exist with dignity,

And have the right to subsist with justice and in peace,

Yes, to sleep with any man or woman that we please.

Woe be upon the man who hath forgot  his history,

As we are not only of religion – but speaketh politically,

That what ye doth do is wicked and clearly blasphemy,

When ye rape thy wives and sisters in stealth and do it secretly.

And if these words may cut  like a knife – then be it rightfully,

For we hath seen that corpus maid, who brought him home to glee.

Verily, t’was Man, who taught her how to rage against this machine,

When he dropped the bombs upon the other without a tear to weep,

And all they ever wanted were rights to dwell and not beseech,

“Oh Brother please,  have mercy – How Brother I beg thee please,

Have mercy upon me Brother –  I’m down on both bended knees”.

Oh see, how they still protest without a penny and little less – a bite to eat?

When they took their rights!

They took their rights!

Their brother’s rights…

To open discourse and autonomy!

have mercy - have mercy

So, “All is fair in love and war”,

Or so I’ve heard the white man preach,

For surely it were the Man who said and said so righteously,

“Only when ye will take thy rights will ye find ye thy release.”

He also said, “Nay be ye better than the tyrant, if ye wilt suffer this silently.”

Then prey, why doth the Man he kick her in her teeth so violently,

When t’was she who had the courage to speak against his felony?

For she hath the right despite her gender, colour, sex or creed,

Nor should it matter if she be cripple or without an ability to see;

For surely every woman and man hath the right to write and read?

And all of us are capable – so why should we not learn and teach?

For God’s sake Man – she hath the right to claim her forsaken right to be!

For you my Sisters you hath the right to fight or else they’ll pay no heed,

For those who fight and fight and fight but are still left to live helplessly,

Fear not the Man, oh child of God – for you need not his sympathy,

When you hath lived and died all thy life by the sword of empathy.

Whether she a vagabond, thy lover, a whore or poet be,

No woman created by the hands of God should live on Man’s charity.

So fear not the Man, whom upon thy flesh, doth like to feed,

But beware the man who be full of hatred, superiority and conceit,

He will only help the maid and child in a place where he can be seen;

But when away from prying eyes he will kill the humble bee,

That was heaven sent like a butterfly to sting  that he may again believe.

For every women is like the Lioness who hunts and wins her keep,

Whilst the Lion stays behind to dream of territory and sleeps,

Yet with hungry eyes towards her cubs he still intends to creep?

Does the lioness run and hide – a hopeless refugee?

So if ye doth prick us, then wilt thee then tell us,  “Thou hath not the right to bleed.” ?

And so we say “Give up thy pound of flesh and be it immediately!”

For when Shylock did make his claim – he demanded lustfully,

From he who took the truth and gave him nothing but deceit,

Because he had the right,

He had the right to live and breath.

I’ll ask again may she be black, brown or white,

Should she be made to suffer thy resentment and greed?

When she hath the right!

She hath the right!

She hath every right to live her life and be free!

subsist with justice and in peace

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