Songs of the Sirens

The Sirens, by Herbert James Draper (1909). Public domain.

Should I keep this child of Adam locked inside this lie,

That I can change him to a bird and away that he would fly,

For when I burned our nest then flew away so I may die,

It was he who stayed behind and torched himself alive.

His death to me was like the loss of mine own child,

Like when the Virgin’s baby had been crucified,

Though every mother bore her son that he maybe free,

But every time they gazed upon her flesh so haughtily.

The Siren, by John William Water House (1900). Public Domain

There rose above them fire and a hail from deep beneath

and so I went to God and asked Him – who was I to thee.

He said – I am all there is and all there’ll ever be –

He told me – I was nothing yet and always will be aught –

He said the same for thou – should I or thee have any doubt,

Then in His wrath He asked me – What are thy questions all about?

For if he didst agree with thee, he’d cast off all his robes,

He would leave behind his mistresses and all his wives at home,

He would free his mother’s apron and flee from his father’s knives,

He would abandon his infernal ship, to see the secrets in thine eyes –

Ulysses and the Sirens by John William Waterhouse (1891).  Public Domain.

For what is it, that every Sailor wishes he could be,

To claim his faithful rights and live by them justfully?

Then take the ocean in thine arms and show me what ye believe,

Or would thou rather be despised a slave to this disease?

Stand true to reasons why ye wish to rage against machines,

Rise up and be the man thy mother wishes thee to be,

Come sling thine arrow – fire ammunition at me, my family,

But be it where I see thy face – not thy religion, hatred nor greed.

For if this were all thou Lord God ever wanted thee to breed,

Would He have evolved the ape, to stand this Siren’s song so sweet?

And upon this point I am sure that everybody will agree,

Ye wouldst not have thyself a soul, had He not wanted ye be free.

So speak of what thine heart wants – save thy persuasions about me,

For I know who I am – was all along – and all I’ll ever be,

Though I be but the miscreant who lives inside desponding seas,

This universe expands when my heart sings the words it bleeds,

So why weep you Son of Adam for any woman that ye must leave,

When she is kept by He whom keeps even those – who canst earn their keep.

The Siren, by Louis Loeb (1904).  Public Domain

Remember how she  earned her soul and has the right to live and breath,

Oh son of Adam, lament not thy sorrow nor the loss of Eve;

She threw ye not from the Garden nor did she fling ye from thy sleep,

Would that be why thou covers thine ears – yet still refuse to speak?

When we all know who gave ye justice and liberty of speech,

Will ye believe the man who stands and says, “Nay, that it were Pete!” ?

(For surely he hath lied to ye – without a guilt of what hath been denied to ye)

– yet  still t’is  him, to whom ye plead?

And if ye believe this man,  then will ye ever find release…?

…but look again, he sits there and insists how he must weep…

Had his childhood been forgotten or had he thought he’d forgotten me?

When that Child had been expelled – yet never fell far from its tree,

T’was not the serpent who made ye fall nor were ye tempted by the girl of Eve.

The one who made ye fall’s the One who fell  in love with thee,

So should thou hath any quarrel, might I suggest a place of peace,

Sweet Sir, commence at once – down upon your hands and knees!

Hylas and the Nymphs, by William Waterhouse (1896). Public Domain.

*GREEK MYTHOLOGY:  Ulysses and the Sirens in Homer’s, Odyssey:

*PHILOSOPHY:  Ulysses and the Sirens in Elter’s, Studies in rationality and irrationality:

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