“Don’t I know you?”

‘Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?’

I love you and I love myself,
(love myself, love myself !)
I love you and you love yourself,
(love yourself, love yourself !)

Though it maybe childish but it is true
I love you because you love yourself…

…and yet you love me too…!

(You love me too! You love me too!)

So we love ourselves and love ourselves

The same as if ‘I’ were ‘you!’
Yes, We do! Yes, We do!

We love each other as if ‘We’ be One and ‘I’ be ‘You’!
(‘I’ be ‘You’! ‘I’ be ‘You’!)

What's that you're holding?

Haven’t we met?

One thought on ““Don’t I know you?”

  1. Najma Hush Post author

    – Oh yes, it’s not ‘you’, it’s not ‘I’, it’s ‘us’ we love!
    – So, If ‘you’ loves ‘us’ too then ‘you’ is not alone! (Oh…’I’ gets it now!)


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