Mikado the Lunatic


In his humble home, Mikado had a spare room with nothing much inside.  It wasn’t anything special. Just like most rooms in any house, its four corners were linked by its four walls, protecting it from the invasion of the outside world.  It’s ceiling blocked out the sky above.  It had a floor to stand, sit and walk on, a door to enter and exit, but most importantly a window which filled it up with much light.  This room was often left alone, but the day had final come when Mikado decided he wanted to visit this empty room.

Whilst standing outside,  Mikado noticed a mysterious golden light, bursting out from the gap beneath the door.  Turning it’s handle, he felt a strong force push, as it flung wide open, pouring out gold, literally at his feet and out into the entrance.  He was amazed to look up into the otherwise empty room to see it had been flooded with golden coins, fine jewels and delicate riches – all shining brightly from the light that was illuminating from the window.  It sparkled upon all the golden contents of the pride of his newly found  possessions, making his eyes light up, his jaw drop and his heart  beat at an incredible pace because, he could hardly believe what he was seeing.

Ecstatic and overjoyed, he waded in to take a swim in all his newly found glory.  With a bright beaming smile, he splashed about and turned in the multitude of his wealth.  He filled the golden coins into his fists and swung his arms in the air, releasing his grasp and looking up to see them flying high, then closing his eyes to feel them rain gently back down upon his bowed head.  Standing there up to his chest in treasure.  Wafting and bathing in gold, until suddenly – his delight transformed to tears – he began to weep for joy, praising God for the miracle that he had been blessed with, whilst at the same time laughing hysterically because, he just couldn’t believe his luck.

However,  not too long after this momentous joy, when the minutes had become hours, accumulating into nights, with the dawn having faded  into an incomprehensible daze, Mikado’s happiness began to dwindle, as he asked himself, “How long will it be until I find this room empty?”

“I really don’t know.”  he perplexed, “I don’t want to just waste it….It’s so precious. It’s priceless and invaluable.  I’d  like to spend it wisely. But, what do I do with it…?”  Mikado sank deeper and further into his own thoughts, “There is just too much of it. I just don’t know what to do with it…”

Manuka Honey

Thus, with more time expanding into weeks, leading into months… drifting away endlessly into golden skies of honey,  the room remained empty except for the golden sunlight that illuminated its sparkling riches by day, to become a silver ocean of treasure, by the moon lit diamond night.  Though he no longer found delight nor satisfaction in this.  Instead, it had become too heavy a burden for him to bare.

He found it difficult to trust people – he began to think everybody was only after him for his wealth.  His thoughts lay primarily with protecting his treasure as he stood guard at the door to the empty room. He no longer went inside.  Always on the outside, watching the marvel of the glowing light that penetrated the hallway from the little gap beneath the door.  And as he stood there like this, time began to watched him, sighing deeply – but he just couldn’t open the door.  He was afraid that the glare of the light would leave him blind.  It had become too bright for him.  “What do I do with it? Oh God, what do I do with it?”

Yet, the more time that left him behind where his stance had become grounded, the more time he had to walk through the passage of his past, as it dissolved him into a sea filled with the flaming shades of coral…and from beneath the surface of the sea he could see the burning sky above  – it seemed to him to be filled with his sweet childhood memories.  However, whenever Mikado reached out to embrace the silence of this abyss,  he could hear the pounding of his own heart and then the sound of the waves would come closer to his soul, as he lay himself down to be washed away like a particle of sand, by what was flowing over and inside of him.

Coral Skies

Coral Skies

Naturally, Mikado grew older and older and as he did so, he grew to feel more and more alone, until at last, the day had finally arrived when he could no longer bare the silence of all the  past and present combined and for the first time in years, Mikado began to cry.

He remembered the day he had found the treasure and thought back to how he had waded in fearlessly, thanking God for what he had uncovered. It was then that Mikado realised that he had only ever had a glimpse of the treasure and that it had been such a long time ago – how could he have been so sure…?

Almost at once in his haste, Mikado rushed towards the empty room.  Taking all his courage with him, he flung open the door once more, after all those years.  Imagine to his surprise, how shocked he was to discover that the treasure was nowhere to be seen. The only things in clear sight were the four walls, the ceiling, the floor, the door in which he was stood and the window filling this empty space with so much light. Now he could see that this room was still empty and the only thing that had ever filled this empty space had been light. Had there ever been any gold, any riches, any jewels?  Maybe it had always just been the light.  The light is all there ever was.

“All that time I spent alone protecting what was never mine to keep? How could I think it could ever end, when I could never see where it had come from in the first place? Now, who can I ask to take it all back, when nobody had ever given it to me? ” The fool fell immediately to his knees and cried for finally having seen what was real and what was not.  That was when he left his den to take to the streets and the high hills, singing at the top of his lungs wherever he went .

“Come and stop to see the light,

Come and stop to see the light,

Fall in life – fall in love,

Fall in love – Fall in life…

Feel no shame for what you are,

Feel no shame for what you were,

For tomorrow you may live

Or tomorrow you might die,

Who knows where those feet may  go,

Or where your head might lie?

Come and stop to see the light,

Come and stop to see the light,

Fall in life – fall in love,

Fall in love – Fall in life…”

Quite often the nosier kings of their castles might look out of their windows to see where this commotion is coming from. This singing, screaming, voice out on the streets sending them an SOS. However, they can never see Mikado and so they may never know what all this noise is about – but  rather they all go back to the monotonous routines of their daily lives – turning up the volume of white noise higher, so as to drown out the wretched voice of that crazy lunatic,  who claims that he has seen the light.



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