Dante Gabrielle Rossetti

He’s not going to leave me alone tonight,

Because I’m hungry!

He’ll put out the light when I’ve put out the light,

Because he known’s I’m hungry.

He won’t give up this place tonight,

Won’t whisper softly to me when he takes away my life,

Because I’m hungry!

He say’s “No, I won’t leave this lion’s den,

I won’t give up my crown for niether mice nor men

I’ll keep up my stance and my vigilance,

Be you alive or be you dead,

I won’t leave this fiery dragons den,

Because I know I’m Hungry.”

No, because I’m hungry!

Because I’m Hungry!

Adolphe Weisz

Le Lion Amoureux

As my glory lies naked and empty before him,

This dark infidel won’t leave this place of worship sacred,

Because I am insatiable!

And as my hunger rises inside of me

Like the shadow that slips between the sun,

I am neither here nor there, yet I am seen as one,

Like a flower, who deflowered and then became a nun,

I am sorry I am unable to bear you your sons,

Can you look at me, as I weep for all the sins I’ve done?

Because I am like you, but no one is like the one I’ve loved or long.

But he say’s “NO! I won’t leave tonight till I’ve had my share,

I won’t divide, distract or even let you  dare!”

But  Sweet Sir, why don’t you spare me tonight for another night,

When I am always at His Majesty’s service for murder and delight?

Because he has already left me behind – a widowed bride,

As he sleeps softly beneath the milky body of his mistress dear,

Please excuse me, I must undress and take a shower in my tears…

Because he won’t leave me alone tonight,

He’ll put out the light and then put out the light,

And he won’t even whisper to me softly or wish me a goodnight,

As he creeps up to me slowly to take away my last breath of  life,

Because I’m hungry, because I’m hungry, because I’m hungry!

Adolphe Weisz


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