The One

The One

The One

I. All I know is that we made love for countless nights,
But I have only spent some sour days with you.
Still, I can forgive you everything,
Anything that you do,
Have done or will do because,
I would not have loved you as much,
Had it not been for this sin in the first place.

II. “I love you.”
Remember how I would say that,
“You were the only one I ever loved before we even met;
For all of beauty and imperfections sake,
I’ve died and gone to heaven a maid,
Because I’ve always been in love with you.”
But I thought I had set my love free?
I thought I had set it free?
Oh, how I thought my love was free?
Sadly until I recall it was you
Yes you, who had let go of me…

III. Who are you?
When they tell me off and say,
“You had better stop crying now
Because every time you shed you’re tears,
The clouds ease off and the dark sky clears.”
But I love you and so I say,
“I would rather it be heavy with black clouds
Than to waste the rain and have mercy shower upon my soul!”
“Why should the sky bear the burden?” they pry.
“Because I am a loaded landfill of emotion,” I reply.
But even then, only some of them,
Understand how it feels to be in love with you.

IV. Who are you?
Because, I would rather it be murder
By mine own hands than to ever let you go again;
If I should catch you in my arms my friend,
I’d annihilate both our lives,
Just to be alone in limbo with this love,
When you be like the Divine-like-God above;
Yes! You that has always been here with me
Yet, how could it be….
You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for?

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