Beauty is as Beauty Does

Beauty is as Beauty Does

A scent as pure as sex and sin,
Can you smell the musk in this gust of wind?
For my eyes are baptism,
oh…but I am filth!

Dark Angel’s wings be heavy with grace –
They’ll crown my glory my disgrace –
But answering me mine embrace…
…come whole into my arms…
For though my soul be full and bright,
(I know) t’is not yet filled with light;
For all those night’s that were filled with craze,
Those which I spent awake in bitter daze
And oh MY GOD – He heard my prayers;

Oh how now do I curse their damn infernal days,
Yes, they who filled me with lust for their fucking praise –
But how now do I know as I stand amazed,
Beauty is, as Beauty does,
Oh, how now fucking phantoms…
Of illusion and faith?!

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