Lost Friend

I have reached and climaxed in the final act,

Upon this stage where fiction imitates my life for fact,

I know I am – yet I know – that I am not,

Maybe I am the star the astronomer forgot,

I am the light that burns by the sunlight of day,

And then again at night, when I kneel down to pray;

Yes, it is true I spend all of my time alone,

And Yes – I have lost my senses since he left home,

And oh how I would do most anything – Yet I do nothing at all.

How can I occupy my time, with the ways of the vacant?

Who search for freedom, in fickle insignificance?

Who cannot sustain a thought for longer than a second?

Tell me of what they will know, of the pain I have suffered?

Crushing and craving with memories of him,

When He is further than my finger to the dimple in His chin,

For He whom the Galaxies, the Universe; to Whom I and Love belong…

My obsessions, my sins are neither an atom nor a bomb,

Yet love’s mysteries have been absorbed by my intelligence,

Which persist to test my freedom, strength, reason and patience.

Each night my friend I travel further than this earth,

To meet my Friend’s soul upon the Astral hearth,

And say His name for all the world to hear,

The vibrating air sighs to say, how drunk we both are,

For the universe to have folded and revealed its heart,

For our intoxication to have sought this very far.

But these ways are not ways of this world,

For all the Drunkards here residing – whom I know,

Are all stingy with the vine they grow,

So it is better to have an absent friend I find,

Preoccupied with things that satisfy their mind,

Yes it is better to have – than to not have – too tight a hold,

When all your friend’s keep their doors firmly closed.

How do you think it weather’s in another’s life,

With days of friends and friends of friends – spend them at your side,

Watching by and by all of recent times and how they fly,

Bid me fare thee well my friend and friends of friends

– Goodbye and by-and-by Goodbye!

But before I go tell me good friends – why should I pretend,

When I know where good friendship begins and where it ends?

It is not visible in this invisible world ‘You’ and ‘I’ see,

Where ‘You’ and ‘I’ are One there is no ‘I’ in ‘We’.

It begins where I end, and You begin again,

When ‘You’ and ‘I’ are free – I promise You, We will be friends.

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