Nothing Comes from Nothing

You are nothing like the love I left in Rome,

Whom I set free so wild and away to roam,

As I myself, I withered from my Monkey throne,

And wondered in the jungle where hyena’s home.

Now to the truth- if truth be known – still I know too little,

But that my faith is not worth dust – neither a farthing nor a nickel,

The truth is, sunshine shines, inside my belly,

I feed myself, my only love, my lonely Nelly,

I sum my life, a bag of bones and bugs so lazy,

I slept on my throne, a bed of thorns and daisies,

But still adultery is whatever you bite into your heart,

For if your love is dirty,

There will be no purity in your art.

Though love is cheap unlike the art of love making –

But if it cracks the hearts of glass…

…then…who can perfect the art…

Of their heart breaking?

When in this world – this golden lake of nothingness,

I exist in nothing more than what God can Bless,

If He created all this bliss and called it nothingness,

Then why much more than this of myself can I express,

Of what I seem to call my God forsaken existence?

For God’s sake, what is ‘Self’ and self sacrifice,

When I live not in me yet my life does suffice?

Then where does the ‘Self’ draw the line,

Between the ‘Sane’ and ‘Insanity’?

For I love myself…

…but I know myself

– She does not love me.

This curiosity will be the death of my eloquence,

Because the only negligence in this world,

Is the language of our intelligence…

But please pardon me, as once again I persist…

I am nothing; in nothingness do I exist,

In every passing moment of inertia and bliss,

The empty echo of every passing hour flickers away,

I cannot recall how fast nothing unfolds my days,

And within this gassy concoction of elements,

There again whips the crack – Yes the restraint of my emotions.

Though I try hard not to slip or slack…

Nothing comes from nothing

–     Yes, it’s always tit-for-tat.

I fight with nothingness to save my pride,

A high price to pay for my life in demise,

With nothing left, I realise it’s too late to be free,

My love annihilated my existence before nothingness took me.

2 thoughts on “Nothing Comes from Nothing

  1. paulsimon

    annihilation is only the beginning
    of creation etc

    how can i tell you
    will you understand
    you will never suffer annihilation
    but your existence will take on new forms
    as you merge with your changes
    you will die, be born again
    time after time

    but will you listen
    to a voice from without

    will you allow yourself to die
    so you can live
    not as one
    but in everyone
    and in everything

    nothing is impossible for you
    because you are the sun
    you cast light and warmth
    you give life
    you are


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