I Fear…

I’m afraid I fear you my Love,

So forgive me my Fair Angel Dust,

I fall full of fright and dread,

For all good things must come to an end.

Sometimes I feel I fear freedom…

For then where would my soul go,

For familiarities contempt to grow?

But then I fear when I feel grounded,

When I begin to fear I feel elated,

I feel I fear for goodness sake,

Maybe I fear for I fear disgrace,

I must confess I fear the human race,

Even the God forsaken rat race,

I feel I have no distinctive part,

I fear Literature, Poetry and even Art,

I fear I might fall out, I fear I may fall in,

I fear I will be kicked in a ruddy bloody shin,

I fear one day I’ll begin to SCREAM,

When there’s no high hills to climb nor towering trees…

…I feel I fear you my God, I feel I fear your World,

I feel I fear nothing but life – For I fear myself alone.

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