Black Beauty


Upon Yusuf’s black features rare,
Lay a beastly beauty – contraire – so fair;
The bedazzled wives amazed did wonder,
How Samson had felt slain by his Delilah,
Whilst pondering upon the blade of a knife,
Their forty fingers they did self sacrifice…

and as the scriptures state,

Even Angels may fall from grace,
Then what if women bleed in disgrace?
For no man’s an island complete or great,
When drunkard addictions seed sedate;
Kings and Generals both descent in vice,
Declining in the Queen of Egyptian eyes.

His beauty – Her sweetness!
Yes, we all have our weakness,
(Though crucify ourselves in secret)
Yes, we all have a cross to bear,
Locked in the mesh of black beauties hair.



Samson and Delilah, Ruben

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