Daydream Believer

Now that all wealth has possessed you,

Now your sour sweet heart has gone and left you,
So, where was love when it had possessed you?

For what was seen was with might and beauty,
With loving eyes and a call for duty,
But it struck not the deceiver’s intentions,
Our strands grew grey with vain pretensions.

T’was me who looked upon you with all I had dreamt,
When these dreams came true and overwhelmed,
You sentenced me to a sad and lonely death.

But do you remember when our eyes first met?
For when was that moment I am sure you will forget,
It was when we lay like babies…

One facing east one west?
And oh, when we played as children,
Hiding in our dens?
Do you remember when

You locked me in?
Just like when you shoved me…

…into that broken down old fridge.


Well, who would have thought,
That would have led to marriage,
And now your hands on my belly…

Whilst we pick our babies carriage…?

But wait – when bombs blast and the bullets fly;
I do awake rudely in your bed –

Eyes – wide – open

and see you… there how you lie.
When all you want is out,

a bit of laughter

and goodbyes?

But, I suppose you make me wonder every time,

What is love when it’s not presented in disguise?

And so, Daydream Believers claim it is as thus;

“We know you think we dream too much”.

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