Too High (for Intellectuals)

If I had you when I had you not,
What would have become of you,
If you loved me when you loved me not,
What’s left then to undo?

If I had all the worldly wealth,
And kingdoms of velvet blues,
Then tell me who would benefit,
From whose intelligence,
When purple notes speak truths?

With all this wealth what could I do,
But…instead…what would I do?

With all this wisdom what can be taught,
When people think love can be bought?

Where golden hearts sell for less than dimes,
Where in this place love remains a crime,
For in this space why waste my time?

For what I can see you surely cannot,



My heart begot,
And made me speak in cliché rhymes,
That you chocked on my sweetly sick honey,
When you began too loose sleep,
Just to earn some money.

Then sweet sirs you can keep to your pretensions,
For your needs are greater than my protections,
So I will leave you in the hands of God,
For I often pray He takes me away,
To a place too high for intellectuals.

One thought on “Too High (for Intellectuals)

  1. Intrinsic

    This is a good take on a oft-played out topic, you bring a certain freshness with how you write, I like it a lot.

    Thanks alot, your kind words make writing even more pleasurable.


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