The Lovers

Unforgettable Love of Sohni Mahiwal by Shobha Singh

Unforgettable Love of Sohni Mahiwal by Shobha Singh



The Lovers take
what they are entitled,

Remaining true
to true lover’s title,

When two become one,
to become complete and total.

But the piece of puzzle may fail to fit,

When familiarity breeds,
Blood, Sweat and Piss,

Where beauty fades
rainbows may turn to grey,

When lovers game
fare well – they play,

But friendships
tend to sail away,

In oceans of thought
it rains all day.

Is this a blessing
or is this a curse?

When all eyes see
sea and salt dispersed,

With eyes unquenched
the thirst it grows,

Even tears seem sweet
as do beads of sweat,

Which sparkle, shimmer
and shiver in regret,

As you search for the star
your lover did forget,

When he forgot
but how to fight,

For to be a true lover
it doth take much plight.

So Sohni jumped
in deep and dangerous waters,

With nothing but
her clay Cattorah,

The sea of Love
welcomed his daughter,

Immersed this way
in the arms of the Sultan,

Sohni became Mahiwaal
and thus annihilation,

Makes two become one
when Sohni becomes Mahiwaal,

Her story forever,
lives on and on and on.


Cuttorah: a clay pot used as a cooling vessel for water in the nothern region of Pakistan, famed in the Panjab.

(Cattorah:  Clay water pots in a market in Islamabad.)

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