Outwipe a Doubt

The world is spinning round,
Like these words in my mind,
And life is just another word,
Like a faith upon this tongue,
But surpassing shimmering stars and sun,
Across transcendent skies,
Beyond how many of these sonnets,
Will I ever find the light?
A sparkle, a thought,
A doubt to outwipe?
And then how many galaxies must exist,

If so many like me must persist,
Such is this?

And Why?
As I travel these words spin round in my mind,
“Who am I when I must die?”
Can you hear,
The soul of the world,
She also cries, “Who am I,
When I too must die?”
Do you have a wonder?
Do you ever wonder?
Why, you little wonder?
Do you have a thought,

A spark,

A doubt to outwipe?

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