Kiss Me (I’m Dunk)

Anarkali & Salim


The twilight crept into eyes adjusted,

The atmosphere so charged with sentient,

We sat upon the roof top – me intoxicated,
Whilst golden sun sank – dreams articulated,
Of oceans carrying scriptures for my protection,
And so I had solemnly alleged my addiction,
As I raised my gaze to drink again,
From my sweethearts exotic eyes,
No, time had not elapsed,
For the birds still flocked to sing goodnight,

But when I looked to take another swig,

My heart went numb – he had risen to his feet,
As he exhaled a sober scented breath,
Maybe because he did not regret,
That I was too drunk to move…
…instead I wished too swoon…
In beauties velvet déjà vu!
But fear had gripped me,
So I dared not fall,
Though how I wished he’d pushed me,
Up against that wall…
…and kissed me hard…
When I was drunk.

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