Golden Heart

To that which was sung,
When tem blue bells were rung,
And sunshine’s child came out to play,
Toying with my Golden Heart.

Shimmering bursts,
Oh shivering new births;
An end to a game,
Lends an ode to infinity,
For where one lover ends,
Call’s another’s eternity.

Hear all true Lovers,
And their Friends,
Yea, Even their Foes;
Triumph in fairness,
Like golden babies,
Not Pharaohs or Romans,
Like Caesar die,
“Vini, Vidi, Vicci” cry.

Who did betray who Brutus?
Betrayed by yourself,
Or betrayed by your Lust?
When all in all is dust no more,
Then why should I not cry,
“Omnia Vincit Amor.”?

For along these rotten roman roads,
Thought grows vine like seed’s of grapes.
And from fruits of pure love,
Weep sweet juices of warm blood,
Which are warranted beyond prohibition,
When this nectar becomes like wine,
Through many bloody massacres divine.
Equal to this can there be anon?

As the stars rain upon my face,
When the sky goes numb,
Laugh if you will at my disgrace.
What should I care that you cannot see,
The ocean in all its glory?

I am overwhelmed by my own beauty,
Carrying this ocean in my heart,
You broke my pride but,
I thank God you never,
Broke my golden heart!

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