Sing an Idol

I sung an idol a lullaby,
Where God was my Love,
And my Love was like God.
But the Idol was so cruel,
As not to answer my prayer.
So if the Idol was not God,
Could it be here in my heart,
Where all is Love,
Am I just madly,
In love with myself?

Oh if only I could be,
But His reflection,
As I walk around His hell,
I see love glowing – hope,
A whole in my heart,
And me a moth,
Silently drowning,
In His bright well of hope,
Where I am madly in love,
And make men into idols,
When all they really are,
Is deaf, dumb and blind.

When there can only be one love,
Can there only be one God?
When there are so,
Many more like me,
A reflection of His love,
As He shines and frowns upon us,
Puts up this furious fire for us,
To burn a hole through our hearts.
Where there is only One Love,
There is only Love.
And so I sang an Idols lullaby,
Without shame or lust;
“God art like my Love,
And my Love art like God,
Therefore His Love,
Makes me God,
And my Love,
Makes thee God,

Even if ye art,
Deaf, dumb and blind.

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