What’s Write?

–      What is there to write?

Who’s wrong or right?

(My faith had strength,

When I could make,
you laugh hard).

–      I used to think
That I was someone,
Not just anybody.
Just me.

(Until then one day,
I could not even,
Make you smile.)

–      Let the last laugh be on me,
Now that I,
Am alone,
There is no-one,
Else but me.

–      What’s worse?
Winter or summer?

What’s so bad,
About the cold,
And what be wrong,
with growing old?

–      So what if,

We’ve lived without our Dad?
What is that we think
That we don’t have?

–      So then what’s sad?
Who is crying?
When others
In this world are dying?

–      (I know I’m just
Another fool,
who’s trying.)

–      Then what’s that?

–      What’s, what?

–      Those tears in your eyes?

–      There a blessing in disguise…

–      But then what’s this?
How can you write,
If you know not,
What there is to smite…?

–      Do you think it’s sad,
When there’s nothing left to say?
What have you learnt,
If your life has

turned out this way?

–      But which way?
This way or that?
And that’s the hardest
Question in The;

–      Do you have
Any other doubts?

–      Well then again,
Maybe you are right!
Forgive me please,
I don’t know how to write?

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