Allah Who?

Be thy friend,
Be thine enemy too?
Who are You?
Say t’is only You!

When I my Friend,
Have non amenities true,
Speak the truth,
I say, speak the truth.

When all will hail;
“Who are you to me,
And me to you?”
What should I do?
When I know not,
If I have a friend,
Then tell me Who is Who,
For how do I know,
Who is untrue when I not,
Who am I, or Who are you?

So what if the world has left me,
Or have I left the world?
If I am here then where are you?

I’m afraid…

“Be not afraid
to repeat each word…”
They say
“…Lets not be afraid,
Let’s pray instead,”
Prey, do tell what good,
Prayer will do me when I am dead,
When there’s so much more on earth to do?
Then why should I, look at the skies
And wonder “Who am I and who are You?”
May my Pray tell,
Who am I and Who are You?

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