Swan Song

I saw her clearly when she had gone,

I heard the sadness of her swan song.


For when her man went far away,
I saw her child, he’d cry all day,
And how she’d hush her baby boy,
With his good fathers name.

They’d both become two silent children,
Waiting for His spirit in vain.
With holes in her voice eroded,
I heard her speak of life,
She wept and cried
When she said,
“I know now…
…I don’t…
…to die.”


“But only now when,
You’ve killed all your foes.”
I hear them all reply.
For she robbed them all of their life and pride,
A hundred thousand times before she finally died.
And then her lover I heard he came home too late,
For our Beloved, He could not wait,
To hold her in His arms.
When her forgetful lovers charms,
Saw only her dead face,
But The Beloved, maybe He saw the purity of her pain.
Well, we can only pray, He’ll grant your wish to live again…
Because who are we to judge,
If you drank acid
to cure all ailments,
Whilst we die
a slower


She took your wits and said,
“Too Hell! Too Hell! To hell with all of this
It must be better than all the lies – You call this bliss?
Where lies the truth?
Who has denied me the truth?
If there is more to life than this chase,
Then on what fiction
has my life been based?
Too Hell! Too Hell!
To hell with you all,
I’ll see you on judgement day,
For not one of you,
Are without your sins,
If I should die this way.
Do you remember me,
Why do you remember me now?

You do remember me too late.

For where were you,
When I needed a husband?

And where were you when I needed a mate?

Well now my insides are invisible,
I have left my corpse behind…
…An ugly corpse…
And taken with it my last breath,
For it has been longer since today
That I have been left for death,
Why do you judge me now,
And cry what you have lost?
When all I ever was – is dust,
And all you ever were will rust,
And all in all we are dust – no more.”


Yes, I see her clearly now she’s gone,

I hear the sadness of her swan song.

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