I Do, So True

If I love you why do I despair,
When you my love do not care,

Should I rock in the arms of another,
He who calls my name,
Then whispers ‘My lonely lover…’

Though I did give you up,
I still cried because,
You spilt and spat
Red wine upon my coat,
But the intoxication is as such,
Might I feel once again,
Upon chance your touch…?

Though you have never noticed,
The love stain I’ve bared for you,
A silent heart holds still many truths,
And that is all I may never say,
When others mock my simple ways,
Hear them they call ‘me’ the fool,
When my sincere heart is mere proof,
That Love does exist…
Without you meeting me…
…Or me meeting you…

Why then would I weep instead,
As you may jeer at my amazing,
And beautiful heart,
Where I do let you live,
Without even knowing,
If you love me,
And only because,
I love you,
I really do…

And if you think you have understood,
Then you know not anything at all,
For when you know nothing,
You’ll learn all there is to know…
For if ever you knew everything,
You would pray,
You knew nothing at all.
But if your heart does pray,
Then Inshallah one day,
You may understand it all.

2 thoughts on “I Do, So True

  1. drmoogerbil

    i like this one, i can relate to it, i am in a relationship that has taken…a “break”…its soo frustrating, and hurts sometimes.

    Dear Dr Moogerbil.

    A wise philosopher once pondered whether a tree in a deserted forest should creek, crack and crash if it should fall, when there is nobody there to hear it fall? Some things do not cease to exist, just because anybody, or nobody can bear witness to it. If it is the truth, and nothing but the truth, then it will never cease to be…even if you cannot see, touch or feel it,this does not mean that it is away from you, if you carry it in your heart. And beleive that it is not a crime, or a sin, but it is a question of faith. Then just like Love or just like God…it becomes divinely beautifull…and so it will live on forever.

    Faith is Hope, may it cure all our pain,


  2. wordlywise

    Oh lovely poem…I just flowed with it. And you’re bang on when you say “Faith is Hope”…I am trying to live on faith right now! That’s all I’ve got!


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