What else is there,
In this world for me,
But ashes and dust?

My corrosive bones,
Betray with time,
First heal then rust.

Then who’s bones stand here,
Who’s feet tread the ground?

For whom do I bear witness,
When  I hear a sound,
The sweet call to surrender,
Welcoming to forever slumber,
Beneath this earthen bed,
Where one day above,
As our feet here do tread…

Night will pass bellow,
When here we’ll rest our head.

Oh do you ever wonder,
What  lies  beyond this ground,
When we are dead?

One thought on “Earth

  1. David

    i like it.
    sometimes the darkness is where we find ourselves.
    but we see the light enough. don’t we?
    i move back and forth, so often, between the two (light and dark)
    that sometimes i walk right into a wall…

    I am practicing to walk blind folded. I may learn more when I hurt yourself than when I was playing it safe. Cheers, for dropping by…I’ll check out the link you left behind.
    Najma x


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