Poetry written by life…“Allowed to be free, yet not free to be allowed..” – What is Freedom and does everything really depend on it? What allows us to be free then? Skin colour, Accent, Place, Religion? What does matter in life really and how far are we ready to go to “fit in”? Pakistani born Author Najma Hussain, through detailed analysis, tries to answer that questions in her hypertext fiction “A life of Recluse”… an interview with Magda Marek, Art-Dom Editor.     

Magda: What is  “A life of recluse” and who is it aimed at?

Najma: A Life of Recluse is hypertext fiction, and is not aimed at any particular group of people, other than to those who enjoy reading experimental fiction.

Who are the people in “Realities of living – A life of recluse”…..

The characters in A Life of Recluse are five different people from different cultural backgrounds trying to realise their dreams, and their individuality in a society where they encounter many obstacles and barriers due to national, cultural, and governmental value systems.

– Do the fictional characters in your story in any way reflect or relate to people you know?

All good Art is a reflection of an artist’s personal experience; for if art fails to portray truth, then it crosses the line between “fine” and “foul” art. Therefore, although the characters and events are fictitious,they are a reflection of reality as seen through my (the writer’s) eye.

– How did the experiences you gained in London effect and influence this story?

The story is set in Lowestoft, and it was therefore my visit to Lowestoft which affected its evolution. I was very charmed by the town and both its mysterious sadness and ugly beauty. Find the Full Interview:

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