Written on A Vine Leaf



Is never too much,

When evil seeds,

Grow out of touch.

As the vines climb,

They bow and bend,

It’s such a pretty view,

Like  a river with no end

But you mustn’t stop to stand and stare

When there so much more for us to prepare…….

No, you mustn’t stop and stand to stare

3 thoughts on “Written on A Vine Leaf

  1. Pink

    I don’t know if you wanted the reader to do this but after reading the traditional way. I decided to read it as if it was a vine growing from bottom to top. And it open it right up and I saw so much more. Thanks for sharing this piece

    Thanks Kim,

    I would say take from me
    whatever you will,
    watever you want…
    it is whatever you want,
    whatever you need,
    as I dont even know myself
    well enough to judge myself
    So I can only depend
    Upon the comfort
    Of strangers.



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