My Green Eyed Monster


Green eyes and blue monsters,

Secrets mysteries and lies,

Azure aqueous skies,

Your the master of disguise.


It has been written,

On a whim of a moment,

When I believed,

That moments can be true,

It was written,

It was written,

How I love you.


The waters rippled,

It rained and poured,

The anger rose and fell,

Crashed into oceanic,

The waves of my love…

The woe of my emotion,

That vowed of my devotion,

Where the words cannot deny,

They flooded from your green eyes,

The monster of disguise,

I heard you when you cried,

I’d give it all to you,

I believe you to be true,

In your songs,

You sing like ryhme,

That loving me is your only crime,

So I’ll come…

And make it mine,

I’ll come and make it mine my love,

I will come and make you mine.


2 thoughts on “My Green Eyed Monster

  1. pinkemeralds

    It seems you changed ur site a bit, didn’t know you had so many wonderful poems I haven’t read. I got something to do in my spare time now (smile)

    Love the green eyed monster analogy…Eyes are words left unspoken, and you showed that so clear here…Thanks for sharing

  2. phosphorescence1001 Post author

    Changed? Really? I suppoose there are a lot more poems here than in May when I started my blog…but I have slowed down, I’ve lost my muse, and I feel like I’m struggeling a bit recently. But thanks I’m glad you liked this poem I was thinking of removing it.


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