“The Master” and “The Plan”

“Who is He – The Master,
Whom gave me so much doubt?
He gave me hope when he gave me life,
For one day to taste death in spite?
T’is such a shame and a foul crime.”
– The young man sighed as he resigned.

“So why not procreate” She said,

When he did pause from his protest,
“You’ll live your childhood once again,
And find your son will be a friend.”

But the man shook his head,
“Nay, nay, nay, ” he hoarsed,
With a look in his eye that spoke of a curse,
“I can’t betray a little child that way,
To give him life one day and then to say,
Hush, hush my dear boy don’t cry,
For the day will soon come that you too must die.”

But this only seemed to make her laugh,
“So that is that you think that life is but a sin,
But one day young man when you awake,
And you won’t hear the din,
You’ll think of where you’d like to go,
But both your legs may be too weak to crawl,
Where peoples chatter all aloud,
So you’ll stare up at the sky,
And wonder when your eyes ran dry,
As you lie alive in your bed,
Remembering all the wonders you lived,
You’ll think about who you were,
Before you woke to find,
That you were nothing but alone.”


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