Where is the love…?

Amidst the bliss,

And wondering skies,

A gateway to the universe

Of secrets opened up,

To swallow time,

It chewed and chewed,

Then spat out love;

A gazillion pieces,

Of shattered fire,

With energy of Light-years,

At speeds too swift to calculate,

An explosion of being…

…and nothingness,

To which I dedicate,

The preoccupation,

Of colours,

And all beautifull things,

That surround thee.

4 thoughts on “Where is the love…?

  1. Molli

    Oh, I love the thought of love being
    A gazillion pieces,
    Of shattered fire</blockquote>
    That is such a wonderful image! Your closing lines are also beautiful – the “I dedicate the preoccupation of colours and beautiful things” – that is so lovely, Najma! What a beautiful piece of writing. Thank you for sharing it here.
    ~ Molli
    <strong>Thank you Mollie, such Kind words, you really have made me feel good, as I woke up feeling quite blue. Im glad you like my work, because I think your work is great too!!!! so its good to hear it comming from you. Cheers for making me smile xx

  2. wordlywise

    Eerie…I had almost the same kind feeling this morning…of a love that is so overwhelming that it resembles “an explosion”. You’ve given words to my feelings!

    Thanks…Wordly you are too kind x


  3. tuttysan

    Ah! This is beautiful! Wonderful imagery, short and sweet with a sober ending.

    Thank you for you visit, and for taking the time to comment. I hope that you will come back to read more
    Najma x

  4. pinkemeralds

    Wonderful imagery, Najma..the actually slide show just enhances it but without I can see all that you said in it…You are so good at making one actually see what you write.

    Thanks Kim…such kinds words. You always leave me smiling when you visit a snippet of my world. Cheers to you. NajmaXXX


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