“Do I take Up too much Space?”

– Must I take up too much,

Space of Virtual reality?

–  But what can one do

  to release the thing that

lurks within

that just

does not seem

to go


–  The love…

Oh the love…

by and by,


till viens,

begin to bleed.

–  Ones head feels pounded,

And heart compounded,

Contracting, pulsating, revolting,

Does the brain grow delirious,

In the comfort of one’s room?

–  Oh, what is this nonsense,

Which makes much sense?

When one’s been blessed,

Yet still protests,

That life is just a sin,

It just not worth a spit,

When you do not feel the love

and embarrass yourself because

You let the poison pour out

And beg us all to watch

and listen to your growl

Your stomach needs our love

…though t’is desperately lust.

– So now you know me

in a different way

from the person

You walked past

on the bus

Do you remember…

I saw you the other day?

I was stood in your way.

–  Still I’ve taken enough,

Of your space,

As the giants nod

Snort and nod again,

Laughing at my plight,

So just to be polite,

I’ll say, “Thank you for your time,

Good people,

God bless you and goodnight.

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