Time and Punishment.

When all I asked for,

With all that I didn’t say,

I never lied to you,

Still you drove me away.


Who spoke of love,

When I promised you my life?

I only did what I thought,

And what I thought was right.


Then why must I hear,

The clicking of rhyme’s,

As I try to find words,

To fill this empty time,

But who wants to know,

What goes on in my head,

When all I ever wonder,

Is what it’s like to be dead?


I only know your name,

I don’t know who you are,

Still I think it’s such a shame,

How we didn’t get that far.

Your hopes were too high,

That you played it too cool,

I never meant to hurt you,

Then why were you so cruel?


Now all that’s left,

Is an empty cup of wine,

And the shame that I feel,

As I hear the passing of time,

But I just cannot make,

New worlds that may rhyme.

Until I hear the sentence,

For my unduly crime.

I am ready to accept,

Whatever you think is mine,

Except this further passage,

Of  slow un-rhythmic time.

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