How Long is four Days?

We parted in the month May,
Maybe…the year before yesterday,
But as I sit here and wait,
Will I live in this state,
For the rest of my days?
Death did not come,
But memories came to belong,
Frozen along,
The long long longing.
As I draw to my lips
The forbidden name,
“Oh my Beloved,”
Love has been a long awaiting,
Far longer having been awaited…’
Yes, You may say my lover,
Is not with me in the first place,
And neither can any other one replace,
But above all this,
Rain drops that set me alight,
Within this longing,
Lasting only Four days…
Why must Love…
…My Lord…
Be among this longing…?
With broken hands,
That which were used
Too break hearts of glass,
How can they now smash,
The wall built,
Within these Fourty days?
Where memories have come,
To sit where they belong,
Along the long, long longing.
As the garden sets a flame,
The two birds depart,
Just as they had met,
Flying away in flurry,
But amongst the hurry,
A long awaiting…
Of a long four hundred days
And thus Love a longing,
On my lips…A protest…
A long awaiting,
It’s too long,
It’s been too long…

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