Growing up: In the City

Stranger things have happened,
In stranger little towns,
A torn up postcard off the street
Was handed into lost and found?

Waiting to reach its destination,
Be claimed and have its message read,
But when only strangers have read it instead,
Can it ever be understood?

Growing up here in council housing,
Growing up here in other people’s houses,
Growing up here wasn’t always bad,
Growing up here without a Dad.

Abused by many but loved by one,
Playing in places we didn’t belong,
Graveyards, Backyards, Park bench days,
Going about life in our own little ways.

Waiting to excel we were waiting to exhale,
Holding back the anger when all else failed,
With a fist in our mouth when there was nothing to eat,
Counting all the tears that made up,
All our short lived years.

Growing up here, we’ll be changing faces,
Growing up here there’ll be fading phases,
Growing up here we’ll be trading places,
Growing up here we will choose what basis.


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