In the innocence of my youth,

I fell from such a hieght,

But my angel rescued me,

Your love was meant to be,

My fate my destiny.

I can still feel the pain,

Of memories that remain,

And I feel so old,

But yet still I am told,

That ‘You are but a child.’

When I was blind,

And I could not see,

My angel became my eyes,

And told menot to cry,

I will kiss your tears goodbye.

How many times must I fall once more,

Before I can reach the stars,

And my angel will stop and cry,

Tears of joy and pride,

My angle my sweet angel,

Please give me strength,

To hold you dear,

And keep you near,

The ever beating of my heart.

(For Afshi, my Mother.  Written May ‘ 99.)

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