She is Ayesha

She, H Rider Haggard ( Book Cover 1960)

Bright eye’s and naked beauty,

She is looking for another lover,

Ever hungry,

Fire and fury,

When She doesn’t want any other,

Would  you be prepared to be her lover?

Do you grow tired of her pretences,

When you tell her that She is selfish,

And that She only looks out for number one,

But after all that has been said and done,

Why is it her bed you creep into,

When your daily bread and night has come…?

Is it the  love for the  danger,

That you know only ‘She’ can provide?

When obscure intentions, ambiguity,

And conflicting interests may collide?

Will you be so willing then sweet Sir to oblige?

Well, I beseech you please,

Do some justice,

Without thinking about it too much,

When all She ever craves is,

Your tender melting touch.

But  at every turn she’ll make you wonder,

 ‘What have you got to give?

Can you quench the thirst inside of me,

When you have your own destiny to fulfil?’

And so, you tell her that She is demanding,

Yes “She-Who-Must Be-Obeyed”,

But when you digress from what She wants,

You don’t seem to be afraid…

So how can you fear,

What Ayesha can to give to you?

Tempting time and time again betrayed,

When you try to resist and evade,

Your duty as her Lover and her Slave

For here there is only one Mistress

And She shall have no Master nor Maid,

Yes! Do as I say –  Not as I do”  Says Ayesha,

“For I am She-Who- Must-Be -Obeyed!”

(Dec ’01)


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