Sexual Obsession’s

(Oh Father, who art in heaven, show me a miracle)

I am but consumed with desire,

How long will it be until this fire,

Is quenched?

For this passion,

Is now verging on obsession,

And I cannot subdue this lust,

I beseech you father,

He simply must,

Belong to one else but me,

Or else my jealousy,

Will be the end of us both,

Ashes to ashes,

And dust to dust,

Oh father he simply must,

Belong to no-one else but me.

(I Hope you follow my pen, as I write these words)

I still think about his face,

The most beautiful of his race,

A body that is divine,

With lips that taste like wine,

His kisses went to my head,

And oh when we where in bed,

I shall never forget that night,

Oh if it only might,

Happen once again,

Meeting him on the train,

I only cause myself pain,

When I wish I could see him again.

(Please answer my payers, As I have waited too long)

Blessed am I with much affection,

But in very situation,

I never seem to get my way,

Oh Lord please bring near the day,

When he will belong to me,

And I will recite this poem,

Sat upon his knee,

He wont think its another game,

(I wont trick you like a fool, No, no my love, I wouldn’t be that cruel.)

But he will never know my feelings,

So I’ll just have to keep on dealing,

With my private sexual obsession.

(I whisper these words to heaven, Please hear me well)

(Feb ’01)

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