No words to say…

Can anything be expressed,

Without word?

What mysteries can be solved,

In this world?

Without words,

There would be no meaning,

My soul would be inexplicable to describe,

And there would God be,

Hidden beneath the lies.

What is the meaning of Love,

To live or to die?

Where is beauty bred,

In the heart or in the eye?

Eyes are the windows to the soul,

And I’ve been touched through mine,

Too ere maybe human,

But to love is just divine.

Sublime and heavenly,

It must be,

To swing in your lovers arms in ecstasy,

In a fitfull lustful rage to be free,

‘Glory my sweet llulaby,

In my lovers arms I cry,

All that I could not describe,

If it was not for these words. 

(Dec 01)

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