More or Less?

I never knew,

A spring of words so beautiful,

Would lead you to my waterfall,

Which now runs arid…

And maybe that’s all that’s true,

For when everything was known,

It was all too real,

And it became too much for you.

You wanted more,

You wanted less,

You wanted more,

Than I could guess…

So I broke down all my walls,

And flung onto you my waterfalls,

You shouted ‘More.’

‘No – give me less.’

So now it’s time that I confess,

When all you want is blood,

All in all, more is always less,

When someone makes you sweat,

Nothing less will ever do,

Well all in all,

Less is always less,

When all you want is more,

When all is over I’ll miss you less,

I’ll never tap on your door,

For how much more can one endure,

When one cannot endure anymore?

And if this makes,

No sense at all,

Well neither did my waterfall,

More or less- I must confess…

It is over- that is all!


(June ’05)

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