When I wake up in the morning,

I wonder what to do,

So I light up my cigarette,

And begin to think of you.

But by the time I rise from bed,

I’ve simply smoked too much,

I’ve decided to skip breakfast,

And don’t bother with any lunch.

For what’s the point of eating,

When I still feel just the same,

This hunger grows inside of me,

This huger still remains.

You know, it’s so easy to survive these days,

That I’ve forgotten how to live,

When you’ve been hurt so many times,

You’ll have forgotten how to give.

And then this hunger,

Bites from deep inside,

So I’ll light another fag,

And then I’ll tell myself ‘young lady,

You know this habit is bad.’

So, now the clock tolls six,

And I am still wandering down town,

I don’t want to go home right now,

I just love being out and around,

I haven’t got much money,

Nor have I any friends,

And the ones that I do have,

They seem to drive me round the bend.

But then I see a phone box,

And you pop into my head,

But I decide not call you,

Instead I’ll stay out all night instead.

I know I’ll be drunk,

By the time it hits nine,

But I promise myself,

I’ll sleep on my own tonight.

Some nights I keep this promise,

Most nights I simply don’t,

But I know again I’ll promise,

Next time I won’t’.

(Nov ’99)

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